Who is Prof Mark…Mark Whyte, most days?

I’ve been working nearly my entire adult career as one who specializes in helping Christians to develop a stronger walk with Christ and incorporate that walk into their business.  I coach my clients in a way that utilizes both their heads and their hearts in order to APPLY what they know.
Mark Whyte.  Father of 3, husband to my best friend, Katie since 1985.
My Background:  Educator / Professor at the largest Christian University in America and 1 smaller Bible College.  Field Staff with Campus Crusade for Christ – CRU, for 17 years; Positions: Campus staff/chaplain at San Diego State University with Athletes in Action, missionary in Yugoslavia and taught seminary course to pastors in Africa.  Entrepreneur/business owner.
Education:  Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, 2 Masters degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary, Doctoral program (incomplete), at Trinity Int’l. University.  
By the way, none of the above or anything on this page is intended in any way to boast, brag or swagger about accomplishments or any such thing.  Certainly, I’m pleased with the paths in which God has lead me…some great and some were very hard.  I mention them to simply describe some of my experiences in life, as well as my heart and my training.  🙂

What describes me? 

I’m an exhorter, coach, encourager, challenging those I work with to strive for excellence; sometimes no-nonsense, but always with other’s best interest in mind!
I also have an interesting background in that I broke my neck (cervical 6-7) as a college wrestler at age 20. I functioned well on crutches until 2010 and have since moved to a manual wheelchair.  As such I have learned how to persevere through the “proverbial” thick and thin of life, ministry and business. I’ve been married to the love of my life, Katie, since 1985, and have 3 fun-loving (and crazy) young-adult children making their way and walking with the Lord. Lastly, besides my near life-long disability, my oldest son is high-functioning autistic.  My point?  Life is many things, amazing, hard…joyful, but through it all, God is faithful and walks alongside of each of us.  

I’m Passionate About Inspiring Others…to Live Life NOW with Excellence and to Live Life with Eternity in mind!

That’s it…we’ll talk soon.   Want More info?  Click here…